What is Happening: Information and Resources


In an effort to raise awareness and provide resources for healing and growth, a pamphlet was created and made available at the “Victim to Victor” show.  We wanted the information to be available here as well. This page and the pamphlet are not comprehensive in the information about the different types of abuse or the resources out there, but this will be a place to begin and connect you to more.

When we see in truth and understand what is happening, we become empowered. Knowledge and awareness are power. With this power, we are better able to come from a place of choice. We can begin to act instead of be acted upon.

The additional pages under “Victim to Victor” provide information in these three areas:

Section 1: Synopsis of different forms of emotional/mental abuse

Section 2: Next steps

Section 3: Resources

For additional information you can visit the blog.

You can also contact the “Victim to Victor” project team at pursuingperspective@gmail.com.