Victim to Victor

In a desire to help ourselves and others move out of victim energy and step into our power, the Warrior Project was born. The project brought women together to be photographed in full warrior gear and provided a tangible, powerful experience to feel and show their strength through the medium of photography. This then led to the photographer’s project, “Victim to Victor” where the journey of moving from being a victim, through the process of healing, and finally overcoming, was portrayed through photographs and writing.  The “Victim to Victor” show debuted in Utah, March 2017, and will be shown in other locations over the next year. The “Victim to Victor” show developed into its own project as an extension of the Warrior Project.

The “Victim to Victor” book was created based on the show and released on the one year anniversary. The book can be purchased in the store (a portion of the proceeds go to organizations that help victims of abuse).

The “Victim to Victor”  project is about empowerment through awareness. It is about shining light on truth rather than hiding it in the darkness of shame and silence.  It illustrates conquering fear and choosing belief in, and love for, oneself.  It is about beginning the path of healing, with the truth that stepping into our strength is more than possible.  Above all, this project is about sharing the journey that is often referred to as the Hero/Heroine’s Journey– the transformational journey of facing some of the most difficult challenges and our greatest fears and overcoming those, whether those are found within or suffered at the hand of another.

We were not created to be victims. We were created to be victorious.