Marilyn Beecher Thaxton was a woman of great insight, depth, and compassion. She was born March 7, 1947, in Brigham City, Utah, the daughter of Orvil Elihu and Hazel Ward Beecher. She was an extremely bright and hard-working student, graduating as valedictorian of her high school and going on to earn a degree in physical education and health from Brigham Young University. She married the love of her life, Gerald Thaxton, on August 5, 1971. I came along a couple of years later on July 29, 1973. I cannot put into words the gift it was and is to be her daughter.

Marilyn dealt with intense, chronic pain from around 1972 until her death on March 15, 1995. The official diagnosis of chronic pancreatitis did not come until many years later. For a long time, no one really knew what was wrong with her; this lead to many exploratory surgeries and untested new procedures. She desired and sought after healing with every part of her. She worked with doctors and surgeons to seek help with her pain, but their methods were often either surgery or pain medication; she wanted more options. She sought a more holistic approach and found it at the Dr. Shealy Pain Clinic in Missouri. She gained valuable tools there that helped her to achieve a level of living that greatly blessed her life. She diligently sought to rise above the pain and discouragement that continually tried to consume her. She pursued healing for mind, body, and soul and lived life with courage, commitment, and even joy. She served others continually. Her heart’s desire was to lift others and to offer them hope in their darkness. She was a light to all who knew her.

As a way to process during her journey, Marilyn wrote. She wrote her thoughts in many forms, but poetry was the most common. Those who have read her poetry have indeed been lifted and inspired. Many have inquired about her poetry and how to get a copy of it. In her honor, we have taken three of her poems (with more coming) and have edited and designed them for publication. We hope in this way to carry on her work.

All proceeds go towards The Warrior Project, which helps individuals find healing and regain their power by consciously moving from victim to victor.


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This was a collaborative project. I could never have done this alone and want to give recognition to all who have helped and continue to help:

Jeremy Holm (poetry design and printing)

Julie Hammond and Jon Plowman (edits)

Dan Hagen (web direction, layout, and input)

Brent Berrett (web layout and input)

Tyler Berrett (images)

Amanda and Brielle Berrett (packaging and shipping)