Three Keys to Unlocking the Power of Positive Thinking

When you’re struggling and feeling really low and someone–with the best intentions–tells you it’s all in your head and to just think positively, it’s a normal reaction to want to punch them in the face. I get it. And let me explain why that’s a reaction. First of all, there is truth to what they are saying, but there’s an important piece missing that I’ve come to understand.

Everything, including thoughts and emotions, is energy, and energy functions at different vibrational frequencies. Positive thoughts vibrate at a higher frequency than negative ones. Sadness is a lower vibration than joy. So here’s the key truth: Thoughts are only anchored when they are tied to an emotion, usually of similar frequencies. Which is why it can feel like just thinking positive thoughts doesn’t actually work. If you are trying to think positive thoughts, but your current emotional state or environment is at a very low vibration, they are so far off from each other that the thoughts don’t stick–they don’t take because they feel untrue in your current state. We are wired for truth. Our body is our truth meter and it can tell when something is untrue or off and it tries to reject it.

There is absolute truth in the power of our thoughts. There is nothing more powerful when we are conscious about our thoughts and challenge our distorted thinking. Positive thinking does work and can shift us in amazing ways if we anchor them in higher vibrational states of emotions and environment. (My next posts will address how to process thoughts and emotions.)

Here are three steps to anchoring positive thoughts in a way that will make the practice more effective:

1. First, look at your physical environment. If you are in a room that is dark or chaotic, and you feel isolated or distracted in that setting, stating positive thoughts in that space will not be effective. Go to a room that is light, a room or space that brings you joy, or go outside so you can feel the sun on your face and the grass on your feet. (Nature vibrates at a high frequency, which is why so many people find it healing and find joy there.) Make sure your physical space supports where you are wanting to shift your thoughts to.

2. Release negative emotions. I will post more about ways to do this, but to start, simply become aware that the main purpose of emotions is to provide us with information. This allows us to look at them without fear or without powering them up. Getting in tune with what your emotions are trying to tell you and what they need will help them move. The book, The Emotion Code, provides some great tools on emotional release that I’ve found effective. You can also visualize them moving out of you, or you could use oils, tapping, or any other way that resonates with you. (Note: Those with diagnosed depression and/or other chemical imbalances may need medicine to help move out of debilitating emotional states.)

3. Consciously choose a higher frequency of emotion. Our greatest power lies in our choice; however, many of us are not accessing it fully because so much of how we think, feel, and act comes from habits and beliefs that are unconscious. So state out loud that you choose to move into gratitude, love, or joy. Gratitude shifts us faster than anything. Think of just one thing you can be grateful for and focus on it. You will start to shift the more you are in that space. Listening to upbeat music, dancing, exercising, or laughing will all shift your emotional frequency higher.


vibrational emotional scale

Notice on the chart that a state of quiet is a higher vibrational frequency than the negative emotions. This is why stating positive thoughts during meditation is so effective. You don’t have to be in joy or love before positive thoughts start to work, but you do need to be calm and conscious. You will get to the higher frequencies the more your thoughts and emotions align.

This is an empowering journey. It takes some work, but it is worth every effort. We do not need to be victims to negative thoughts or emotions. We can be victorious.

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