The Warrior Project


The messages that are most vital for us to get will show up repeatedly in our lives—the journey of moving from victim to victor has been one of the biggest for me. It is from this space, and some recent intense introspection, that the Warrior Project has emerged; although in truth, it has been created over a lifetime. The word “warrior” will likely bring up different ideas and images, so I will share a little bit of my vision born out of my experience.

Warriors (at a soul level) are those that embody qualities of strength, courage, and determination. When storms rage against them, they stand immovable. Warriors look at life as causes to serve, struggles to overcome, and battles to fight. The developed soul warrior is not one that functions from anger or a need to control—a soul warrior is one who functions on a higher level of truth with a desire to make things right and stand up, their mantra being, “not on my watch.” I heard a speaker discuss the levels of goddess as the following: 1) sleeping goddess; 2) awakened goddess; 3) wandering goddess; and 4) warrior goddess. This resonated so deeply with me, as it is a true reflection of what has been my experience.

As I was experiencing this process of moving into my warrior self and remembering my strength and all I am really capable of, I wanted to find a way to fully embody what it feels like to be a warrior.  And as I watched dear friends close to me–my soul sisters–go through difficult experiences on their life journey, I wanted them to remember their strength and experience this as well. I wanted us to really tap into our inner warrior goddess. So I contacted my friend, the talented photographer Jane Merritt, and presented the idea of doing a photo shoot with us in full warrior gear. It was an experience like none other.


Those pictured are soul warriors. These women have been instrumental in helping me awaken, they have wandered with me, and they have supported me in moving into my warrior soul. We have faced our fears and stood up time and again, claiming our power and consciously moving out of victim energy and into victor energy. They are the kindest, most genuine souls you will meet, but they are so tough. I wanted them to remember that. As they face new, challenging battles, I wanted them to remember they are warriors.

We were not created to be victims. We were created to be victorious.



Warrior Project Events: 

Experiencing this with those that fight with me, and at times for me, was life-changing. We want to continue to provide this experience to anyone who is interested.  We  held another event for The Warrior Project in the fall of 2017 and will hold three more events in 2018.

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All photos by Jane Merritt: