Speak Your Truth

Somewhere early on in my life, I took on the belief that it is best to smile and keep quiet. Best to keep the peace and appear…I’m not sure, “proper” maybe.  A part of me took this on and yet resisted it at the same time because deep down I knew this was not total truth.

Early in my adulthood, I tried harder to follow this belief, as it appeared to be more acceptable and pleasing, and I so wanted to be pleasing. Then after a personal experience where I had been quiet for too long, I started to find my voice. But in my effort to finally find my voice, I found it in anger. Anger is a higher vibration than sadness or hopelessness, so it does feel better at first, like you are getting some of your power back. Anger does serve a purpose to propel us forward and to stand up when someone or something has been dishonored, but then it needs to be let go of or the holding on to it becomes toxic.  True power comes from speaking your truth from a place of grounding, and not so much from intense emotions. When we speak from intense emotions and from a place of fear and need, we actually give our power away instead of reclaiming it. Taking a moment to process the emotions and get to the truth before we speak is a key way to ensure we are speaking our truth from a place of power.

When we need to speak up, but we keep quiet simply to avoid ruffling feathers or to keep others comfortable, it is dishonoring, to ourselves and even to them. The one time in His life the Savior became angry was when the temple was being dishonored. If we are in fact a temple, the symbol of a vessel that holds the divine, then without question the time to get angry is when we have been dishonored.  I have learned this for sure, that every time we do not speak up when we are dishonored it begins to wear away our soul.  In those moments, we give our power away, and instead of moving closer to our divinity we actually move further away from it.

Another truth I discovered on this journey is that once I found my voice and understood how to use it, I also learned how and when not to speak. I had to learn that it wasn’t weakness to be quiet at times, but another place of strength when you are standing in your power.  There is one amazing line found only in Matthew on the account of Christ that is so profound. There are many accusing Him falsely, provoking Him, and wondering why He will not speak up; and then this line, “But Jesus held his peace” (Matthew 26:63).  So powerful. Sometimes it is best to let the moment play out; to let others rage without joining in the energy or speaking when no one is in a place to hear. There can be great power in holding your peace. Maybe you will speak it later at a better time. Maybe you will hold it and decide it isn’t worth your energy and focus. And maybe watching the events will guide you to hold your peace and walk away for good. I had a profound experience with this that truly taught me there are times where the best way to stand in your power is to hold your peace.

Like all things in life, it becomes about balance. We will learn as we heal and grow how and when to use our voice, but we should indeed use it. We should use it to lift others, give light in the darkness, share love, and stand up by speaking our truth. This is how we stand in our truth and in our power.  This is how we truly honor the Divine, by honoring what He created.

Find your voice.

Stand in your power.

Speak your truth.

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