I do not believe we are defined by the titles we may hold or the roles we assume. It is truth, however, that they do tell a little of our story.  So here’s a little of my story…

I am the mother of three amazing children.  I have a job I love helping empower teachers with strategies that help struggling readers. This job began on a journey with one of my children.  My life journey has also included dance, teaching, school, writing, reading, wonderful family and dear friends. My journey has not always been what I envisioned, but it has always been exactly what I needed.

The deepest desire of my heart is to learn and grow in love and awareness. As was modeled by my mother, I seek healing at all costs. Insights and awareness and healing have come in not just the grand moments along my journey, but often in small moments of chosen attention.

I am committed to standing in my truth. I ‘make happen’ and ‘allow to happen,’ dancing in balance between the two. I believe we filter all of life through the lens of our perceptions, which are often based on our experiences. Becoming more aware allows us to expand our perceptions. In my pursuit of all of these I hope to expand and contribute to the greater whole.

I hope what I share from my journey helps you on yours.

Much love,


Contact: pursuingperspective@gmail.com

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